As a creative person, my mind is always wandering between projects I am doing and projects I want to do. Hobbies I've taken and hobbies for the future. My thoughts, like my hands, never want to sit still. It's on the lookout for different, better, newer, exciting, exhilarating, and potentially crazy next steps.

The hardest thing is keeping still and accomplishing things I've set out to do. Starting and planning for projects is fun and fresh, allowing myself to fire on all cylinders and explore 10s to 100s of ways of doing things before settling on a hybrid of approaches. Completing the work is where I've noticed shortcomings as of late. I'm either leaving stuff 10% complete or 90% complete. Barely invested or not willing to finish.

There was a period in my life when I was producing new comics almost daily and new zines every few weeks. My artistic mind seemed limitless and capable of infinite growth and output. Slowly, before I started realize, it started fading away. Do I still want to do the hobbies I used to? Or do I want to give them all up for new things? Or maybe...I should sit down and get to work.

Until I can figure it out, it's time to get to work.