Building The Anarchist's Workbench

I got into woodworking at the beginning of the year, spurred on by a desire to create a portable easel like James Gurney. After that first project I was hooked and set my sights on building a workbench so I had a "proper space" to work at. I built myself a low roman workbench (thanks to Rex Krueger) to start with, followed by a few things around the house.

Slowly I realized the limitations of the style of bench I had built as well as my own oversights, such as:

  • No shelf to hold stuff
  • Too lightweight, moves when planing
  • Not wide enough (no room for holdfasts)
  • Difficult to work on larger boards

Because of this, I decided to start building yet another workbench, this time the Anarchist's Workbench from Chris Schwarz's book. I got lumber in October and have started working slowly each week on them. Let's hope I can get it before the end of the year.